A lot of people walk around carrying a void inside them. If you look close enough, you’ll see it. It always shows, no matter how well it is concealed. And most people spend entire lives trying to fill the emptiness, but they either fail miserably or fool themselves into believing that it is somehow filled by their idiotic pursuits. Yet the fact remains, that the gaping hole is still there and still as obvious as ever.

And as I stare into the mirror, I see a well of emptiness so deep that I feel like if I fall into it I would be lost forever. I suppose that’s how I am now. Lost, with no one and nothing to save me. I am damned to live a lifetime of crawling up that well, yet always slipping back down again everytime I manage to get a peek of the world surrounding me. I will never be a part of this world. It has cast me out as I have eluded it. I am forever alone and forever lonely, because no one can ever really see me, hear me, touch me, or know me. And now begins my tale, of the boy that has been both blessed and cursed to live a solitary life.


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