Once again I’m standing at the crossroad of judgment. Once again I’ve come to the point where I have to decide which path I am to choose. Whichever way I choose to go, I know that who I am and who I will be rest on my decision, for my choices determine them. I also know that whichever way I take, something would have to be let go. There’s always a price. The question which lies to be answered is, which one am I willing to pay?

It wasn’t always this hard. Choices used to come more easily to me. But as I grow older, there seems to be more things at stake and more risks to take at every choice I have to make. Do things get more complicated or are we becoming more considerate?

Reading the words I’ve written, I begin to wonder about the person I am now. If who I am is determined by the choices I made and the price I paid in making them, who do they make me? I have never regretted my decisions, for I don’t believe in regret. But if I had done things differently, how would life have turned out? Which of us have never asked this question and how many of us have ever found an answer?

We only have one life – unless you’re a believer of reincarnation. Ergo, making the right decision becomes essential. Yet the right decision is usually the harder one to make and an even harder one to follow. Still, if we do, we might be spared the what if’s, the should’ve, could’ve, and would’ve. So which road are you willing to take?


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