On the Fuss and the Muss

I’m gay. I’m not proud of it; nor am I ashamed of it. Why should I be? Unlike the bite of a radioactive spider, homosexuality does not give me superpowers. Contrary to jumping off a ten story building, it does not make me a cripple. I simply am gay. It’s a part of who and how I am. Does it make me less of a human being? I don’t think so. I walk, talk, eat, breathe, have sex… Well, I do only do it with members of the same gender. (Have sex, I mean, not the other four verbs.) But other than the fact that I love – and make love to – other men, I am still a functional human being, albeit a somewhat different one. Then again, to varying degrees, aren’t we all? Imagine how boring life would be if everything were in uniform.

Although I suppose my difference does put me in a certain category: minority. Depending on circumstance, minority groups are either touted, despised, or both. In general, they do generate a certain amount of fuss. It is exactly this fuss that confuses me at times. What is it all about? What is the big deal with homosexuality? I suppose people can say, “Homosexuals do not contribute to the procreation of the human race.” And I can ask, “Isn’t the world overpopulated anyway?” People can say, “Homosexuality flies in the face of morality.” And I can ask, “As far as morals are concerned, just how wrong is homosexuality?” And people can say, “But God say that it is a sin.” And I can ask, “Are you God?” And people can say, “F*ck you.” And so on and so forth. In the long run, what does this discussion matter?

It is extraordinary what a mere difference can evoke. I reckon it is a basic characteristic of human nature to be somewhat cautious of things that are different – otherwise people would stop making extraterrestrial-themed movies. I guess it is rather difficult to accept – or even tolerate – things that we don’t understand (which would explain my intense dislike for mathematics). Would that be the basic, then: a simple case of understanding, or lack thereof? Of course, I’m not saying that understanding is something easy to achieve or even muster. Anyone who has tried to maintain a relationship would know. However, understanding is not an impossibility. It does require a generous amount of conscientiousness and the acquiescence to step out of one’s comfort zone, but aren’t things worth having worth striving for? It’s not as if I’m marching out and demanding for special privileges or the utmost attention simply for the fact I’m gay. Hell, I’m entitled to both those things just for being born. What I’m saying is, at the risk of sounding like a highly self-righteous and idealistic beauty pageant contestant, can’t we just get along? And people, please, a little less drama?


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