Reality Check

Isn’t it amusing to see how cynicism is very highly rated? How sarcasm has become a popular joke? How skepticism almost becomes a way of life..

Do we really need them to survive? Has the world turned that cold, reality that harsh, people that mean? Why do we arm ourselves constantly, so seldom letting our guards down, so afraid of getting hurt? We hide behind facades of appearance, fortresses of intelligence, classes of social stature.

When did we turn so jaded? How had we become so embittered? Have we been let down so frequently that we’ve lost our ability to trust in other people and in ourselves? Have we lost the courage and the strength to believe in our dreams and fantasies? Have we forgotten how to open our hearts and letting love in or out? Are we so lost in our own lies and deceit that we no longer know how to be honest and sincere? How did we get so caught up in illusions of superiority that we have given up being decent and nice?

Do we like who we are? Do we even remember how we get here? Do we ever know where we’re going? I may never find the answer to my questions, but that doesn’t mean I’ll stop asking. It may seem pointless, it may look dumb, but the fact that I still care reminds me that I’m alive.

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