Aphrodite Urania

In a relationship, is it possible to just love for the sake of loving?

To love someone without expecting to be loved in return, to give everything away without demanding anything back is safe because it gives you an outlet for your feelings yet protects you from pain. No expectations means no disappointment. It is love without conditions or reasons, the purest and most divine form.

However, when you’re in a relationship, love often gets mixed up with ego and the combination can be lethal. It’s the root of jealousy and suspicion, heartache and disappointment. Still, when love is simply an outflow of feelings untainted of any supposedly egotistical motives such as wanting to make someone yours or needing them close to you, would it be adequate to constitute a relationship?

A romantic relationship requires romantic love to exist between the individuals involved. It can be said that romantic love necessitates the entrance of ego into the equation because it would not work otherwise. To be in a relationship means you belong to and have one another, which have a sense of possessions. Love does not need to own, ego does. Can you be involved with someone and not want to possess – or be possessed by – them to a certain degree? And if you can, will it still be a romantic relationship?

Seeing the intricately woven relationship between love and ego, must we then accept jealousy, suspicion, heartache, disappointment, and pain in general as inevitable aspects of romance?

                                                                                *             *             *

I’ve had enough of the pain and heartache, which is why I’m straddling the line and trying to do the seemingly impossible task of maintaining in a relationship while loving only in its purest form. Then it wouldn’t matter if he cheats, lies, or even leaves because I don’t expect him to be loyal, honest, or even to stay.

I once said that I love him, I want him, but I don’t need him. Now I just love him. I love him for who he was, is, and will be. I love him for him and no other condition or reason. I’m giving my heart what it wants.


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