Pop Goes The Bubble

I’m angry. I’m so angry it brings tears to my eyes every time I let myself feel it. The disappointment is unbearable, both in a society that’s so stupid and illogical and myself and my helplessness.

A mutilation case recently happened in Jakarta, after which was revealed that the perpetrator is a homosexual. The media went on a field day and people went on a feeding frenzy. It became headline news, practically a national issue.

When I first heard it, as usual I didn’t care that much. Living in my own little world, I’m mostly unaffected by anything that happens around me. Besides, I thought that in time it would dissipate and become yesterday’s news, replaced by whatever sensation the nation chooses to be gripped by.

I was wrong.

Something happened that I didn’t foresee. I failed to take into account that when people think and act as a group, they more often do so with less intelligence, especially when they don’t have that much to begin with as inviduals.

It certainly didn’t help that further investigation revealed that there were previous victims, and the number continues to grow. To make things even worse, ‘experts’ that have access to media coverage and public attention made statements like “Groups with a perverse sexual preference is closely linked to violence” and the police announced the possibility of raiding gay places. The public’s attitude towards homosexuality, always an unpredictable thing, is now a ticking time bomb waiting to explode.

Suddenly, to not care is no longer an option.

Despite my certainty that no matter what happens I will only be minimally affected by it, I can’t accept the injustice and watch this foolishness without feeling anything. It is disheartening to see what the lack of education and information can do to people. It is disappointing to realize that persons of importance and authority don’t always have the necessary wisdom and adequate intellect to bear the burden of their position. It is painful to continuously wonder what I can do to make things better and failing to find a way.

So I am left with my own thoughts; seething over the foolishness of it all. Murders happen everyday. Mutilation cases have happened before. Certainly this is not the first serial killer case to be disclosed. Why the whole commotion over this one? I just can’t understand how someone’s criminal behavior be not only linked to but blamed on their sexual orientation. The more I think about it, it becomes that much more ridiculous. And if I can see the blatant absurdity, why can’t others?

Thankfully, there are people who can and are working to address this issue. There are psychologists who have objectively stated “…there are no serial killer categorization based on the perpetrator’s sexual preference” or “The deciding factor is personal background, not sexual orientation”. Also, a friend of mine who works at an NGO confirmed that they are taking the necessary steps to address the issue, such as holding a press conference regarding the matter and issuing a statement to prevent the growing stigma against homosexuality and to urge the government to take action.

It definitely makes me feel better to know that in spite of all the negativity in the world, there are people who are trying to do some good. Yes, the world is a cold, hard, and often mind-numbingly insipid place, but from time to time you’re reminded that isn’t always.

All this drama is an exact example of the fuss and the muss that I’ve mentioned in one or my earlier entries. It is difficult to tolerate and even more so to accept something that you don’t understand. Still, though that knowledge lessens the blow somewhat, it is unnerving to see what the lack of understanding can actually cause. Just as knowing that common sense isn’t so common doesn’t always eradicate the annoyance of witnessing idiocy in action.

I wish that like every storm this too would eventually blow over. And deep inside I believe that it will. Maybe it’s my own version of stupidity, but I still have faith in the goodness of mankind despite evidence to the contrary. And as I said before – of which I must remind myself from time to time – life may be difficult, but it doesn’t always have to be. Through it all, in the end everything will once again be alright.


2 thoughts on “Pop Goes The Bubble

  1. i feel you. i can’t believe how ignorant some (well in this case, most) people are. there have already been numerous murders caused by jealousy or relationship-related murders in indonesia, why suddenly put the murderer’s sexuality in question? they’re just trying to find an easy way out by blaming homosexuality. it’s an act of ignorance. “oh, the killer is homosexual. by god, that must be why he did what he did”. idiots.

    on another semi-related topic, i got a forward email in my mailing list a couple of months ago. the initial sender was protesting the level of exposure given to gays/transsexuals in television (in indonesia), not because he cared, but because he was afraid. i was so enraged, you would laugh if you read what i wrote in the reply. since it was sent back to the mailing list, everyone could read it. and no one really answered back directly to me, but in one of the replies i was referred to as being “too liberal”. lol.

    but after that i realized, homosexuals have to fight for their rights in indonesia, and we all know it’s gonna be a long road ahead, one with consequences. oh but i am so ready.

  2. I know, right? I just couldn’t get my head around all the silliness. And speaking of the level of exposure given to gays/transexuals or even people imitating gays/transexuals on TV shows, the government is actually attempting to ban it. Crazy, crazy world. And of course some would label you as being ‘too liberal’. The sad fact is that (most) Indonesians, despite their social/educational/financial background remain tragically ignorant and/or unenlightened.

    The fight for gay rights in Indonesia is occurring but at a very slow pace on a very rocky road. Thankfully my friends at NGOs still keep me updated. Thanks for the support, sis. Very much appreciated and deeply felt.

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