Romanceholic Anonymous

I’m having… something with a certain someone. I don’t know what it is and as he’s still unsure about it as well, he isn’t exactly much help in defining or determining where this is going.

Still, it’s interesting. I haven’t found anyone that won’t bore me in the first 30 minutes of conversation for some time, so yes, this is definitely a breath of fresh air from the usual narcissistic (read ‘gym-obsessed’) and sex-oriented Heaven and mIrc gay breeds.

Too bad he’s emotionally unavailable and distant and so reluctant to articulate his feelings. However, the depth of his perception and intellect and the comfort that we both feel when lying in each other’s arms do make up for it. No, it’s not exactly the stuff of fairytales but for now, it’ll do.

It’s not love at first sight and it might turn out to not be love at all, but I think I can learn more about myself by learning to love him. His being my complete opposite -cerebral where I am emotional, a steady rock to my tempestuous sea- can hopefully be beneficial for both.

So for once, I’m not going to build a castle in the clouds or expect a happily ever after. This once I’m going to take it one day at a time.

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