I did something naughty this afternoon and visited a website that features ‘amateur videos’ submitted by its members. And boy did I see a lot of members (if you get the joke, continue reading. If you don’t, you can still continue but know that I’m judging your sense of humour).

It was stimulating, in more ways than one. I’ve always known that ‘my kind’ has the kink built in, but hot damn, I was still impressed by the diverse fantasy fulfillment. One thing that stood out and therefore caught my attention (ha!) was that videos that display larger-than-average… er… members not only got more hits but also received more comments, one more raunchy than the next (leave it to me to browse a naughty website and read the comments). I mean, that size has always been and most probably will always be an important thing to men is practically a given but wow! To be honest, it’s resembling something along the lines of obsession.

For me, size has only been interesting from a visual point of view. Yes, it’s aesthetically… intriguing but the appeal stops there. Unlike George Mallory, I have no interest in climbing the highest mountain just ‘because it’s there’. Yet most gay men seem to share Mallory’s reason behind conquering Mount Everest in their attempt of the discovery and conquest of its penile equivalent. And even straight men, though in a lot more discreet manner, still compare.


After giving it some thought, I suppose men has always been competitive. And in most areas, bigger is still considered better. No wonder men who are gifted in the trousers department always have a certain swagger about them – of course I only speak from personal observation and experience, not scientific research. They seem to be more confident somehow, more comfortable in their own skin. Come to think of it, a man with a bigger anything (car, house, savings account, you name it) act in a certain superior way.

Could that be the central reason of it all? That men are simply creatures of ego, battling it out through their ego-extensions? Hm. I don’t think I can come up with a conclusive answer for this right now. Oh, well. Maybe someday, along with the rest of my unanswered questions, I will.


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