In the Silence of Suburbia

For a dyed-in-the-wool city dweller, a visit and stay in suburbia can be heaven or hell. In my case, it’s both.

The escape from city hustle and bustle is a welcome change. There’s a certain peace and quiet that comes with the knowledge that at least for the time being all worries – though perhaps not entirely forgotten – loses its significance when seen from a distance.

But time moves slowly here in suburbia, and combined with the lack of that hard yet soothingly familiar reverberating city noise, it results in idle silence. The kind that brings forth memories and makes feelings and thoughts seem more pronounced. Few things are worse than involuntary introspection.

So here I am staring out the window at green grass, trees, and foliage, feeling strangely desolate yet at peace. Sighing with almost every breath, listening to my own inner voices. Lost in reflections and contemplations. Missing those city noises that distract me from myself.


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