Indonesian Superstition Pt. 1: the Twitch

Being an interestingly supernatural and mystical country, Indonesia has its share of superstitions. It’s a part of everyday life and is so ingrained in local culture that for a lot of people, abiding by them is practically second nature.

For this first entry, I’d like to write about the twitch or ‘kedutan’ in Indonesian, which basically is an uncontrollable twitch at a particular part of your body, which according to ancient Javanese belief has a certain meaning depending on the part of the body in question.

Tonight I had it at the outer corner of my right eye. According to this source, it means that I’d be ‘meeting someone from far away’. Well, we’ll see. I’m a little excited about this experiment, really; quite looking forward to seeing what happens.

Update (added on August 24, 2009): later in the day after I posted the above entry, some relatives came to visit and one of my father’s employees referred to one of the guests as ‘orang jauh’ (which in English roughly translates into ‘someone who lives far away’). Coincidence? Perhaps. But a curious one nevertheless.


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