Movie Review: My Mom’s New Boyfriend

Due to another Saturday night spent alone at home, My sister gave me a DVD to watch, saying that she heard a rave review about it and wanted to know my opinion. So I popped it in the player and prepared to be entertained.

Nope, didn’t happen.

I began this review with a description of the plot and introduction of characters – the works – but then decided against it. Trying to recall scenes from the movie seems to annoy me even more everytime I try. So I’m just going to write down my opinions.

Here goes.

The script was sloppy. Dialogue was elementary. Plot was predictable. The acting was passable and immediately forgettable. Personally, Meg Ryan let me down big time in that horrible remake of The Women and she didn’t seem to be doing any better in this one. And for his performance in this, Colin Hanks gets special recognition for being uber-annoying. Seriously? This guy’s a professional actor? Gah! Antonio Banderas did what he could though it wasn’t enough to salvage the movie. And Selma Blair barely had enough lines, let alone funny ones.

I mean, c’mon! I thought comedies were supposed to make you laugh, not desperately wanting to grab the remote and press the fast-forward button until the end credits start rolling or to start banging it against your head until you’re unconscious!

Damn. I’m getting worked up again.

In any case, feel free to check out My Mom’s New Boyfriend and see for yourself.

Just remember: You’ve Been Warned.


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