Mushroom Mayhem

I’m high. Wait. Am I?


Yep. I’m high.

I’m on shrooms. How do I describe it? Hmm.. Let’s see. Pink. Yellow. Purple. Strangely, no blue. Hmm.. This is good. So good. Everything’s taken a life of their own, a personality of their own. It’s all beautiful. Magical. Wooow.. I’m just writing along as I think it, am completely sure that I’m not making sense but oh well.. Since when did life make any sense?

I love it. Absolutely adore this feeling. Highly recommend it. It’s just wonderful to feel each word come to life and pass through my brains and out of my fingers. Life in Technicolor glory. Damn. Makes you wonder how you miss these little things in your everyday life.

Things are glowing. And swaying. And pulsating. Awesomeness. I can feel my nerves tingling. Tingle. Tingle. Ding-a-ling ding. Ha!

Hmm.. Suddenly mellow. How did that happen? For a minute my head stopped thinking. Stopped wondering. Paused into being. Shifting, sliding, mushroom mayheming.

Light and shadow are playing a game with me. Playing a trick on me. Heaving. Gyrating.

Gonna stop this right now. Just gonna get lost in this feeling. It’s not gonna last. It’ll be over too soon. Always too soon. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Pink. Yellow. Purple. Ah! There’s blue!


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