The Idealistic Me

In life, people will let you down. No matter how you try to prevent it from happening, it still happens whether you like it or not. And when it does, it hurts. You can pretend that it doesn’t but the pain is still there, eating you up inside. It’s easy to surrender to that pain, to bottle it up and let it fester away until it bubbles nastily to the surface one day and boils over, creating a hard crust that gets thicker with the accumulation of every added batch of fermented pain.

When people let you down or hurt you or are selfish, it’s tempting to let them down or hurt them or be selfish right back just to give them a taste of their own medicine. But why would you cut your nose to spite a noseless person? A little dumb, wouldn’t you say?

After all, life’s made up of a series of choices that eventually leads to an outcome which in most cases is not only affected but determined by the options taken. Therefore, how we respond to a situation is also a choice which at the end of the day determines the kind of person we are. If we do to others what is done to us, then are we really any different? I hope I know better than that. Still, it’s not enough to just know better. It’s a matter of doing better because we know better.

So, though I’ve said countless times that it’s close to impossible for me to forget, I’d still try to forgive. Just to be better, not than anyone else but simply than myself.

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