This is NOT a Love Story

I met someone tonight. He was a friend of a friend and 8 of us went to the karaoke together. At first I thought he was interested. Then again if I can read men that well I wouldn’t be single for so long. Then again maybe I would. Anyway, we started talking about things, in between taking turns at the microphone and listening to the others singing. He was interesting. And it wasn’t long before my own interest was sparked.

I’m back at home now. As usual I’m feeling my way in retrospect and I don’t like what I’m finding. I hate the fact that I let myself feel this way about someone. It’s too risky and ultimately pointless. I’m no longer interested in the games that people play or to be susceptible to expectations. I hate myself for being affected by his pushing my buttons and his questions and his judgment. He shook me and I am left shaken.

I seriously hope that I’ll get over this when I wake up in the morning…


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