Back Where I Want to be

These last few weeks, I’ve broken my vow of seclusion and solitude and decided to brave the great wilderness, which in my limited universe means nights out with friends and acquaintances, whether to clubs or cafes or karaoke places. I even went to a movie theatre to accompany a friend, which for someone who much prefers watching DVD’s in the sanctuary of his own room is quite a big deal. And let it be noted that I do all of these things sober.

Well okay, most of these things. But you don’t exactly expect me to go to a club without the assistance of any substances, do you?

Anyway, I’m not writing about  my addictions. I’m writing because it feels like it’s time to stop. I’ve said that going out takes too much work and that’s what it feels like. Work. And work ain’t fun. At least not for me. And least of all now. After months of reentering society, I find out that I’m just too damn different and to constantly try fitting in takes one hell of a toll after several hours. I suppose it would be safer to take a little break instead of breeding contempt.

So until further notice I would like to concentrate on home and let the little things that used to matter takes centre stage. Bye for now, world. See you again when I do.


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