Fuck You Very, Very Much

I need to vent. Again. Here we go. Oh and before I start, if you have a problem with foul language, get the fuck off my page. Okay. Now here we go.

Excuse me, Mr. Self-important, I’m-interesting-because-I’m-weird guy. Guess what? You’re not interesting. You’re just weird. And not in a good way, no no. You’re one weird-ass motherfucker who needs to take a close look in the mirror and get yourself a reality check because, hey now, there ain’t much there. And I’m not even talking about your receding hairline. And your woe-is-me tale? Poor little rich-fat-ugly-as-shit boy. Cut it bitch, people may choose to stroke your ego, but this homo don’t play that. So go on with your delusions, I wish you luck with that. I do, I really do. Seeing how you don’t have much else going for you. Well other than your fat. And your piggy face. Oh and of course there’s always the family money to get guys to want you.

Oh and another thing, Mr. Pig-face, tub-o-lard, fuck you.

p.s. If it seems like I have a problem with overweight people, I don’t. Just assholes with attitude problems.


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