On One Sunshiny Saturday Morning

I really need to talk to someone right now and I just had a frightening moment when I realise that there isn’t anyone. Funny. I thought I’d reconciled myself to the fact that aloneness and loneliness are twin strands that make up the my personality – and apparently my way of life. Then again, maybe it’s not so funny because I’m certainly not smiling now. Well, at least I’m not crying. After the initial fright abated, I guess I’m just.. pensive. Neither my sense of comedic-irony nor dramatic-tragedy has come into play so I’m currently stuck in emotional limbo. Don’t they say that it’s oh-so-calm in the eye of the storm?

So here I am. Alone and lonely. Calmly alone and calmly lonely. Telling myself that this need to reach out to someone, to be heard, to be understood, to be touched, to be held, to be loved, is just a temporary reaction to circumstance. That I’m fine with being alone. That I’m fine with being lonely. That it doesn’t hurt and I’m just making something out of nothing. Nothing at all. It’s fine. It doesn’t hurt. I’m fine..

Or at least I will be. Because hey, that’s what I always am, isn’t it?

Isn’t it?

2 thoughts on “On One Sunshiny Saturday Morning

  1. Dasar binan gila, udah ada BBM, YM, Twitter,SMS, telepon….kenapa juga situ enggak kabarin sini kalo lagi butuh ngomong…. hmphhh heran deh, doyan banget nyepi….lama2 akika pop juga jij little buble….

    • Mwahahahahah!

      You were drunk and asleep, you lush. 😛 Otherwise I would’ve called you. Anyway, is it just me or is the bbm on the fritz?

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