All Gays Go to Heaven!

I’m at the soft opening of Heaven! (previously Heaven, without the exclamation point) at Jamsostek building, Gatot Subroto. It’s your typical gay club opening, awash with gay boys, gay men, gay men acting like gay boys, and almost everyone acting as straight as they possibly can, aside of course from the fag hags.

No, it’s not that interesting; although being a retired partyboy my judgment may just be a little subjective. Or maybe a lot prejudiced.

In any case, it’s a reasonably satisfying turnout. Although I do have some minor objections, such as the overly open layout which looks more like a rave space without the typically warehouse flavour. Still, the dance floor is of a satisfying size, which is of course always a good thing. The resident DJs are spinning more than decent mixes. Too bad that the sound’s not that great. In fact the only worthwhile speakers are only the ones right next to the DJ booth. The lighting’s quite alright, though they’re relying too much on a single strobe (I’ve always thought of strobe light as my best friend and therefore one is barely enough) and generic spotlights. The drinks are acceptable and the bartenders are willing to make it stronger just in case you alcoholics don’t feel your preferred order is laced with enough alcohol, which I suppose contributes to how the crowd seems to be enjoying themselves; either throwing their signature moves (and no, not all gay boys can dance. They think they can, but uh-uh. It’s a dangerous delusion) or throwing come-hither glances and cruising away.

In conclusion, it was not a bad night. Could’ve been better, but then again so could a lot of things in life. I give it a B+. And a whole lot of good luck wish for the future.

p.s. Tara got trashed at the party. Mostly because of my homemade concoction (Absolut, Jose Cuervo Especial, and Krating Daeng, mixed with my special secret ingredients). And now he’s sitting on the floor hugging his knees and moaning while waiting for the taxi to come to take him and Bon home.

Yes, yes. It was a decidedly good night. *evil grin*

4 thoughts on “All Gays Go to Heaven!

  1. Strangely enough, All Gays Go to Heaven, my upcoming book, gives a lot of the same things in heaven. But more than a Pina Colada with Jesus, it’s all about the love. Although, the rum sure wasn’t bad.

    • Thanks for the offer, kind sir. I really don’t think I’m qualified enough to do so, though. But thanks again, and sorry. 🙂

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