The Manjam Experiment

During one of our hours-long telephone conversations with Tara, in which we as always discussed random matters which popped into our heads, we came across the topic of relationships and what we each want from it. He wants the sex and the excitement and the nights out, without the hassle of what he calls ‘mushy emotional conversation thingies’. I want the kissing and cuddling and intimacy and staying in, without the predictable demand for sex. Naturally, yet another idea bubble popped:

What if we both share the same boyfriend?

The more we think about it, the more interesting the idea became. Since neither of us is willing to invest the total time and energy to a relationship, why not split the load? It’s also the more enticing because people that I’ve consulted about the idea have been giving negative feedback, mostly questioning whether Tara and I will start feeling threatened or competitive with each other. Well, there’s only one way to know, isn’t there?

So last night, I made a Manjam account, just to put the idea out there and possibly get this thing rolling. I posted a brief description and our profiles, along with pictures of Tara and I together and some by ourselves. As by this morning, we’ve gotten a meagre fifteen hits, but no messages. Oh well. To be honest I’ve had reservations about Manjam considering almost all of the profiles I’ve seen exhibits gym-muscle bodies among which our profile would hardly get the time of day, but I digress: that’s another blog entry.

So. Two boys. One Manjam account. Thirty days. We’ll see how this goes!


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