And… Scene

Drama, drama, and oh look.. more drama.

O boy.

I’m guilty of being a voyeur of other people’s interactions and relationships, observing and analyzing them in an attempt to better understand how others, the world in general, and myself operate and function in regard to one another. I don’t always like, approve of, or condone what I see but I still have to see it.

And what I’m seeing at the moment, is a whole lot of playacting. To say the right things at the right times at the right places in the right ways to the right people for the right reasons. It’s basically premeditated, predetermined interactions in order to fulfill a certain agenda. God forbid we should ever be who we really are or say what we really feel and think. And here lies the temptation: How much of ourselves are we willing to compromise or sacrifice for the sake of the limelight, the attention, and applause? Just how much of ourselves will we modify, alter, discard, and forget?

It’s drama, drama, and yes.. more drama. Performance rather than substance. And not much else.

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