And the Manjam Experiment Continues

… into something else now. Yes, yes it was only supposed to last 30 days, I know. I guess it’s time for some embarrassing confession time:

We did not get that many hits. Yep. How’s that for a blow to your self-esteem? And if you’re wondering why the hell would I put my self-esteem in the hands of ocassionally oftentimes creepy men who troll online cruising sites, I guess I have issues I so don’t wish to delve into in this particular post.

Howeveeer.. Tara changed the profile pictures about a week ago to ones of us in tanktops, showing some of our tattoos. And suddenly it was hits and messages galore. Man, I knew that men are visual creatures, but c’mon! It’s bordering on ridiculous. And it’s seriously shattering some of my greater expectations of gaykind. Apparently I have to look a certain way first in order to be considered interesting. Huh. Shocking. Not. Blah.

Moving on. We’ve taken the experiment to another level, or at least another website: PlanetRomeo. The same profile. Mostly the same pictures. I suppose the experiment starts now. There have been some takers, none that particularly appealed to both of us, though. We’ll see what happens and I’ll keep posting developments. Ta!

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