Partyboy Confessions (Part 5 – Aftermath)

Still can’t sleep. Instead sipping on a glass of chilled vodka-orange-Red Bull concoction with an ever-present cigarette dangling on my fingers, staring out into cyberspace. I’m in my usual winding-down mood: pensive, indulging the hours of random thoughts and emotions. The loneliness doesn’t hit as hard this time around. Yes, it’s still there; but more a whisper than the overwhelming wail it usually is. And it’s good. This is good. My head’s not as clear as I’d like it to be yet that’s alright. I’m going to enjoy riding this one out.

You’re still naked in my bed. Still asleep and, from the way your fingers twitch randomly, still dreaming. I won’t forget the way you made me feel. I’m gonna learn from it and I will be better than it. What did Lauryn Hill say? “What you need, ironically, may turn out what you want to be if you just let it.” Okay, Ms. Lauryn. Okay. I’ll let it. I’ll be it. Just watch me.

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