Partyboy Confessions (Part 7)

Oh my God I’m a top?

Oh. Oooh.

Yep, did not see this one coming. And yet, I came anyway.

The thing about an LSD trip, from my experience, is that it gives you a choice of who and what you want to be based on your predisposition and potential and largely affected by your state of mind and your immediate surrounding. So I suppose this is simply a manifest of one of my predisposed potentials? Huh. Wicked.

But back to you; writhing, moaning, sighing you. You like me, don’t you? You’re comfortable with me. Fingertips, lips, tongue, teeth. I won’t promise you what I can’t give but what I can I will. Don’t try to own me, baby, lest I disappear. For you, for us, for now, let this be enough.


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