Thank You and Good Night

It’s all a matter of timing, isn’t it? That thing people refer to as fate or destiny, more often than not translates into being at the right place at the right time in the suitable mood and frame of mind.

So does it matter that you love me, baby, and that I love you right back? If things don’t magically, wonderfully, inexplicably fall into place then how much does it matter that our jigsaw pieces fit together?

You say we’re water in a river, just freely flowing where we’re meant to be, over rocks and branches strewn in our path. Well baby maybe some rocks are just too large to flow over and some branches steer us away further from where ever it is we belong.

Save the drama for your Mama. Let’s keep this light and fun. I’m not gonna let go of more than I can get. Been there, done them. Not gonna settle for someone who asks for more than he can or will ever give.

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