Tightrope Tango

Hey, boy. Damn, boy. How did you make me feel this way, boy? Tracing the interesting swirls of the soft hairs on your arms and thighs with my fingers, trailing my tongue up your naked back and down your pale torso. Kissing the back of your neck while I listened to the sounds that you made; the sounds that I made you make.

You asked me to lick it, lick it and don’t ever stop. I strained to reach the innermost depths of your most private part as you pushed back into my mouth, asking for more. You drive me crazy and I like it. This moment feels like the start of yet another addiction: both frightening and exhilarating, feeling so right that it simply has to be wrong.

Damn the comfort, curse the way our bodies seem to communicate without us ever uttering a single word. This is just a crush, infatuation, sexual obsession. Call it what you will, name it what you want, I’ll try my hardest not to fall.


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