Wake Up Call

A while back, Tara and I were discussing the same topic as was discussed in another post when he claimed, “Don’t you think it’s a very female thing, to regard your partner as ‘it’ despite his flaws and shortcomings? Whereas males tend to keep looking for ‘more’ or ‘better’ and therefore are more likely to stray.”


Both feminine and masculine qualities exist in all men and women to varying degrees. However, is fidelity an inherently feminine characteristic or is it simply another stereotype created and enforced by society? Does having more femininity or ‘being more in touch with your feminine side’ lessen the proclivity for unfaithfulness? Are more feminine people, whether male or female (and I’m referring to femininity as ‘having feminine characteristics, such as gentleness, empathy, sensitivity, caring, compassion, tolerance, nurturance, deference, self-abasement, and succorance‘ and not  simply ‘looking, acting, talking, etc. like a girl and/or woman), just more inclined to be faithful or do they think they should be faithful because they’re feminine?

Sadly I can’t answer these questions with absolute certainty since even experts and scientists are still debating the whole nature vs. nurture aspects of femininity and masculinity and whether they’re biological or social or both. Still, looking from the perspective of a casual observer, it does seem like the surmise have virtue.

… Oh shit.

What I just realised is that, by this rule, as a person who’s generally attracted by his polar opposite I am drawn to men with severe cases of machismo which means that as far as fidelity is concerned any kind of romantic relationship is prophetically doomed.



My my, how greatly and fabulously fucked up.

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