Channeling Shiva

“In an altered state of mind, where things are glowing and pulsating in my peripheral vision and shadows seem to hold much more than they seem. Strange that in these moments when my consciousness feels like it breaking out of my skin that I’m always able to see myself with a sort of perfect, surreal lucidity.”

At least that’s over and done with. Somewhat. Still jittery and disoriented but when did that ever become a problem? Instead of trying to imitate normalcy, might as well roll with it.

Something has to end for something new to begin, hence the destined trinity of my existence. Viewed from a cosmic perspective, nothing is good or bad. Everything just is. And though it would be easier to succumb to Creationism and say that there is a preordained direction, I would rather say that there is a certain self-organization whose ultimate goal is simply attaining and maintaining balance and equilibrium.

From the sexual to emotional to spiritual, all courtesy of intoxication.

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