Heaven – Revisited

Strobe lights. Laser shows. Breakbeats. Facing the bar, dancing with my back to everyone because I didn’t want eye-contact, didn’t need the appraising looks and come-hither glances. In my own time and space, as separate from reality as I’ve always been known to be.

And then there was you.


“With friends. They tend to scatter.”


“Micha. Name?”


You slid your arm around my waist. I started and pulled away.



Or at least, not yet. Even at my most trashy I’m never quite so easy.

“I’m going home with you.” you claimed suddenly, with more certainty than most dare say to my face. And I admired that. So much, in fact, that I just stared and then nodded before realising I did so.

Which was the exact moment one of my friends chose to drunkenly teeter over and declare, “I’m taking someone home. Me, T, and him are having a threesome.”

I tore my eyes away from yours and directed them at him instead. “Um. Okay. Have fun. And you’re telling me this why?”

“We’re having it in your room.”

Laughing, I closed my eyes and let my body move free and my mind soar as the beat took me on a wild ride.

Welcome to my life.


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