Through the Eyes of You

I picked up my bag from the back of the car and walked away. I promised myself I wouldn’t look back, and I didn’t. Right then it was too much, it felt too soon. But we’ve always known that it couldn’t last. It was always going to be temporary. And by now it’s all just a memory.

“You know what I just realised?”


Looking into your blue-grey eyes, I may not have found the answer, but I found an answer. “This is the longest non-relationship I’ve ever been in.”

We laughed about it and kissed. Seemed like we kissed a lot, and yet we didn’t kiss enough.

“You know?”


“This helps if I ever end up with a crotchety old man.”

“I’m a crotchety old man?”

“No. Well, yes sometimes. But you’re my crotchety old man and I love you for it.” We laughed and kissed some more. Yet again, never quite enough.

I tiptoed back into the room, laid back down next to you. For a moment I wasn’t sure I could go back to sleep. Tentatively I put my hand against your back, needing to feel that you were there, touching your skin, breathing in your warmth as I drifted off.

“You are truly beautiful in many, many ways. You are indeed a unique, beautiful, and lovable person. How you can’t see that is beyond me. Whoever may get you as his partner will be a lucky man indeed.”

I never could see myself the way you see me. But maybe I don’t have to, because your blue-grey eyes see just what I can be.


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